CoronaVirus Outbreak

As you will not have failed to notice the UK and World has been subject to the effects of the Covid19 pandemic.  As a result we were forced to close our doors by the enaction of the Coronavirus Act 2020.  Thankfully the main danger has passed and restrictions are being lifted which will allow us to re-open our doors from the 4th July.  The UK governments advisors have classified the current situation as level 3 on their alert system which means the COVID-19 virus is in general circulation but transmission is no longer high or rising exponentially.  Boris Johnson has stated that the number of cases is declining by 2-4% a day and that there is now 1 case per 1700 people and the number of cases in Oxfordshire is between 5 and 9.9 per 100,000 population.

In order to re-open we have followed the government guidelines and completed a risk assessment focusing on Covid19 transmission.  As a result we list below the actions we have taken and the measures we are implementing to ensure we are providing as safe an environment as possible.  We also have to be honest with our customers.  It is our view and the governments that whatever we do it is not possible to 100% "control" a viral infection and despite the measures we implement there will always be a risk of infection.  It is possible to mitigate the potential for transmission from an infected person and we have taken all sensible steps to do this however we also have to remember why people visit us and that is to socialise and relax in the company of friends.  If you are in a more vulnerable group either because of age and/or existing health issues or you don't believe the danger from the virus has passed then please think carefully before deciding to visit us.  If you also have any concerns that the measures we have put in place aren't sufficient to make you feel safe we fully respect your decision not to visit the club until such time as you do feel safe.

In order to help you make an informed decision on we provide the following links:

We will now control entry to the club via the front door buzzer, due to the guidelines we now have to limit the number of people in the club at any one time so please be aware entry may be denied.  We are offering a booking system to reserve tables for drinking as well as playing click here for further information.

As you enter the club there is a sanitiser station on your right.

Sanitiser is also provided on the bar for your convenience.

Staff will be cleaning tables and toilet areas more frequently.

The club is now only allowing entry if you are allocated to a table either for drinking or playing.

If you are waiting to enter the club please follow social distancing guidelines.

Drinkers will in the main be seated at tables with very limited standing accomodation.

Tables have been laid out to comply with government guidelines on a 2m or 1m+ basis.

When being served at the bar please wait on the carpeted area to maintain social distancing.

Please respect fellow customers and maintain a safe distance from others when moving around.

Please note the give way signs at certain locations where 1 way traffic is unavoidable.

Give way to customers exiting the toilets before entering.

Do not enter the toilets if you can't maintain a safe distance from others.

When playing cue sports please maintain a safe distance from players on adjacent tables.

PLEASE reconsider visiting us if you are experiencing any of the Symptoms of Covid19

We offer contactless payment and apple pay for your convenience but please be assured we will also be accepting cash at all times should you prefer this.

Finally we would like to say if you are coming back to us we can't wait to serve you and it is great to be back

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