CoronaVirus Outbreak

Update 30th November 2020

West oxfordshire entered lockdown 2 with covid "case" numbers of 122 per 100,000 people and in tier 1 of the governments restrictions.  The region is currently showing covid "case" numbers of 49 per 100,000 people and has been put in the higher tier 2 from the 2nd December.  This means that when we re-open we can only serve drinks if they accompany a meal or if you are playing pool or snooker, households are not allowed to mix indoors and there is a maximum group size of 6 in our outside areas.

We have completed a review of our risk assessment focusing on Covid19 transmission and this can be viewed by following the link below.  We list below the actions we have taken and the measures we are implementing to ensure we are providing as safe an environment as possible.  We also have to continue to be honest with our customers that it is our view and a very significant number of other experts both in the UK and worldwide that the risk from the sars-cov2 virus has been over stated and the governments reaction to it has not been proportionate to the risk.  While having this view we take our legal responsibilities seriously and have therefore taken all reasonable measures to mitigate the potential for transmission from an infected person however we also have to remember why people visit us and that is to socialise and relax in the company of friends.  If you are in a more vulnerable group either because of age and/or existing health issues then please think carefully before deciding to visit us.  If you also have any concerns that the measures we have put in place aren't sufficient to make you feel safe we fully respect your decision not to visit the club until such time as you do feel safe.

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