CoronaVirus Outbreak

Update 19th July

As you will know the government have removed the vast majority of restrictions relating to covid19, while positive test results are relatively high the number of people being admitted to hospital and becoming seriously ill is very low and deaths have dropped to relatively insignificant levels compared to other diseases.  Total UK mortality figures are below that of the prior 5 year average.  36 million people have received 2 vaccinations and the number with one dose is approaching 50 million so overall the level of risk has been deemed to be incredibly low and the protection from illness is high.

As a result we have removed all restrictions from our business, we are no longer operating table service you are welcome back to the bar to order and pay for your drinks, there is no limit on the number of people you can socialise with, there is no requirement to wear a mask anywhere within the club and you will no longer be required or be asked for your contact information when entering the club.

All we DO ask of our customers is that anyone with symptoms of Covid gets a PCR test before coming out to socialise, this is a sensible precaution for a disease spread through air particles, anyone who does test positive should isolate as per government guidelines.  This is the responsible thing to do and we appreciate your cooperation on this.

We have placed hand sanitiser in the toilets and on the bar for those who still wish to use it and we will respect customers who have decided they would prefer to keep wearing face coverings when moving around the building.